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September 8, 2017

Equifax Compromise

North Star Community Credit Union works hard every day to keep all of our systems secure so that we can protect our membership’s private information. You may have heard in the news that Equifax has reported a large cybersecurity incident that could potentially impact 143 million US consumers. We would like to reassure our members that this data compromise did not include any of the information that we send to the consumer or commercial credit reporting databases. North Star is committed to protecting its members’ private information and will require assurances from Equifax that the security weaknesses that led to this issue have been addressed prior to sharing any future credit reporting information. Equifax is offering free identity theft protection and credit monitoring to any US consumers that are concerned about the compromise. We are recommending that all of our members take advantage of this offer from Equifax to protect themselves from any potential impact. We have included a link below to the Equifax site for your convenience. Please stop by your local North Star Branch with any questions or if you need help signing up for this free service from Equifax.




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