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Share Certificates


A Share Certificate is a risk-free investment option that helps you grow your money at a guaranteed, higher rate than a regular savings account. You commit to keeping your money on deposit for a set term; the longer the term you select, the higher the dividend rate you earn.  Choose from a standard Certificate, our Smart Start Certificate or the Step Up Certificate.

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Relationship Rate Bonus  

Ask about our Relationship Rate Bonus, available on most Certificates.  You can earn a bonus rate of up to 0.50% APY* based on length of membership, total deposit and loan balances and maintaining an active checking account.

Certificate Options

Share Certificates

With a Share Certificate, you can choose a term ranging from 3 months to 60 months.

  • $500 minimum deposit to open and earn dividends
  • Dividends are paid semi-annually (or upon maturity)
  • Burial certificate, Traditional or Roth and Coverdell IRA certificate options available
  • Our 60-month certificate allows you to “bump up” your rate one time during the term if rates increase (available after 18 months)
Smart Start Certificate

The Smart Start Certificate was designed to help you develop positive savings habits and begin to build your nest egg. Start small, with a minimum $100 opening balance, and continue to add deposits to your certificate as you have money available.

  • 15-month term
  • Premium dividend rate to help beginning savers make the most of their money
  • Make additional deposits throughout the term (min. $100 per add-on)
  • Ability to withdraw funds if necessary ($100 minimum, withdrawal fee applies)
  • Dividends paid semi-annually (or upon maturity)
Step-Up Certificate

The Step-Up Certificate allows you to take advantage of rising rates, and invest additional funds as available, while investing in a risk-free, higher-yield certificate account. When our rates change, you can increase your certificate rate to the higher rate being offered one time during the term of your certificate.

  • 37-month term
  • 500 minimum balance to open and earn dividends
  • Make additional deposits throughout the term (min. $1,000 per add-on)
  • After the first 18 months, there is one rate step-up allowed during the term
  • Stepped-up rate applies to remainder of certificate’s initial term
  • Dividends paid semi-annually (or upon maturity)

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield.

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