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A Guide to Grocery Delivery

A Guide to Grocery Delivery

Authored By: NSCCU on 9/20/2023

The convenience of ordering your groceries online and having them delivered to your door comes at a cost—which might be absolutely worth it for you, or it might end up putting you over budget. You’ll only be able to decide how you value this popular service if you carefully weigh your options.


  • Saves time you could spend doing other things: working (i.e. making money), enjoying family, recovering if you’re feeling sick, doing chores, running other errands, exercising, etc.
  • Saves on gas or other transportation costs
  • Reduces impulse buys and temptation to overspend
  • Gives you access to online-only coupons
  • Allows you to check your home inventory for ingredients to prevent buying duplicates (which saves you money, or a second trip out if you thought you already had something but didn’t)
  • Promotes meal planning
  • Allows you to see your balance while you shop so you won’t be surprised at check-out


  • Eliminates the chance to buy needed items not on your list that you’re reminded of at the store
  • Delivery and/or membership fees, fuel charge, tips
  • Upcharge on products (e.g. paying an extra $.30 for a loaf of bread), depending on the company
  • May not be able to take advantage of printed coupons, comparison shopping, and/or ad matching, depending on delivery service
  • Not getting to pick your own fresh produce
  • You may still need to make trips to the store for perishables or forgotten items, which could negate the pros of the delivery service if you still make impulse buys

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