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Where Do I Find NSCCU's Mobile App?

App Store

Play Store

Windows Store

Search for North Star Community Credit Union or NSCCU. You will recognize the familiar three star logo.

Once downloaded, read and accept the disclosure statement.


What Phones Is It Compatible With?





How Do I Access My Account

Initially, you will need to set up your account on NSCCU's Anytime Online. Then you will use the same user ID and PIN to log onto the App.


Can I Make Transfers?

Absolutely! You can transfer to any account you see within the mobile app. You will not be able to transfer to unassociated accounts using the app.


Can I Use My Online Bill Pay?

Yes. You may schedule payments to any online bill pay payee that you have set up. In addition, you will be able to add new payees. Modification is also allowed, but it is recommended to delete the payee and re-enter it with the correct information.


Can I Deposit A Check Using My Phone?

Yes, using NSCCU's new Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) you can take an image of a check and deposit it into your checking account using the mobile app.


What Do I Need To Know When Using Remote Deposit Capture To Deposit A Check?

You will need to endorse the back of the check and add RDC to your endorsement.

Example: Jane Doe RDC

Locate the checking account that you wish for the deposit to go into and tap on the camera icon

Enter the amount of the check

Take picture of front and back of check.

Keep check in secure place for 45 days to assure that the deposit was made successfully and then dispose of the check in a secure manner.


What Are The Limits For RDC?

$2000 Maximum Per Check

$2000 Maximum Per Day

$5000 Maximum Per 30 Day Period

10 Checks Per Day (One At A Time)