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Club Classic

A special package of financial services designed specifically to meet the needs of distinctive North Star Community Credit Union members. You can become a Club Classic member if you are age 50 or older.

The membership cost is $10 annually which will be deducted from your checking or savings account on January 1 of each year, or deposits over $5,000.

Membership Benefits:

  • Members 50 & up receive 1 FREE box of Club Classic checks each year.
  • Members on direct deposit receive one box of checks free per year.
  • Free traveler's checks.
  • Free cashier's checks and money orders.
  • Free short statements.
  • Free wire transfers (Max 2 per month/non-international only).
  • Free photocopying (up to 25 copies per month).
  • Free notary services.
  • Free VISA.
  • No annual fee on IRA's.
  • Club Classic social functions.
  • Club Classic travel events.


***Watch for a new and improved Club Classic coming 2019!